Red Seal Wiring and the Electric Service League 

Reprinted with permission from Toronto Hydro – March 1955

Ontario Hydro, 1953 - the signing of the Red Seal License

Sometimes a Hydro employee is asked about Red Seal wiring or The Electric Service League, and as the System has long been associated with this activity, it is desirable that all employees should know something about it.

Group promotion of better wiring in Toronto can be traced back to November 2, 1921, when the Toronto Hydro-Electric System wrote to The Society for Electrical Development, in New York, of which the System was a member, suggesting that they have their Canadian representative co-operate with electrical interests here in promoting what was referred to as the electric home idea. Their newly appointed Canadian representative was K. A. McIntyre, who had just left Toronto, where he had been in the electrical contracting business as a member of the firm of Beattie-McIntyre, Limited.

Many of the older employees will remember the Electric Home on Regal Road, the showing of which resulted from this start. It was sponsored by the electrical industry to call attention to the importance of good wiring. At the opening of the house Mr. P. W. Ellis, Chairman, Toronto Electric Commissioners, acted as a master of ceremonies. Mrs. John Bruce, President of the Women’s Canadian Club opened the door with a golden key presented to her by Mayor C. A. Maguire. In the period of 13 days, the home was visited by approximately 20,000 people. The visitors were conducted through the house in small groups, and, in each room were given a brief explanation of the wiring features.

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